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Are you in the process of a divorce in northeastern Massachusetts? Do you have questions regarding alimony/spousal support during a divorce or post-divorce, contact Merril S. Chin for experienced representation.
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Few areas of family law have historically involved more judicial discretion than alimony, also commonly referred to as spousal support. In 2011, the Massachusetts legislature passed the Alimony Reform Act, which was intended to give the Court more guidance in determining alimony.  However, as every marriage is different, even such guidelines permit creative lawyering and deviation from the suggested ranges.

Alimony cannot be viewed in a vacuum. Alimony must be evaluated considering the asset division as well as any child support paid or received. The Law Office of Merril S. Chin can help you negotiate an alimony settlement/order which is in your best interest. Merril S. Chin has significant experience litigating family laws cases and can negotiate a favorable settlement or aggressively represent you at a trial involving alimony.

Post-Divorce Alimony

Sometimes alimony is not awarded at the time of divorce, but becomes necessary or relevant years after the divorce.  The Law Office of Merril S. Chin, can advise you concerning whether you should be receiving alimony post-divorce or if your ex-spouse is seeking alimony post-divorce, determine whether he/she has a realistic chance of obtaining it. Our experience affords us the ability to evaluate different situations and determine whether an alimony order is realistic. We have a track record of success assisting clients with minimizing and maximizing the amount of alimony they pay and receive. To learn more about us and your rights regarding alimony, contact us.

If you are in the process of a divorce in northeastern Massachusetts and/or have questions regarding alimony/spousal support during a divorce or post-divorce, contact our law firm for experienced representation. Our office has handled hundreds of divorce cases and can provide the knowledgeable and results-driven advocacy needed during divorce proceedings.

Get The Advice Of An Experienced Spousal Support Attorney

At the Law Offices of Merril S. Chin, we have extensive experience negotiating, defending against, obtaining, and terminating alimony. Contact the Law Offices of Merril S. Chin to obtain answers to important alimony questions:

1. My spouse is now living with someone (cohabitating). Can I modify my alimony obligation?

2. Can I terminate my alimony obligation pursuant to the durational limits of the Alimony Reform Act of 2011?

3. My child support has ended and I cannot support myself. Can I receive alimony from my ex-spouse?

To answer these and other questions? Contact us at 978-777-1212.